GLOBAL PRECIOUS METALS has established numerous partnerships with many global organizations to contribute in making a difference in our community worldwide.  GPM’s goal is to assist in building a better life for all of the children, families, and people in need.

We distribute scrap metal donation boxes in dental offices, commercial and industrial establishments. If you would like to request a collection box for precious metal recycling in your establishment Click Here

Individuals may also request a Mail-in Kit to donate their scrap metal. Your broken and/or unwanted jewelry deserves a second life. Send us your scrap and feel good about benefiting worthy as well as charitable causes in helping those in need.

Over 30 years GLOBAL PRECIOUS METALS has been recycling in Europe and continued its expansion in the United States. We encourage our clientele to make donations to a charity of their choice.

Join us in the task of bettering lives one ounce at a time!


Recycle Your Old And Unwanted Jewelry For A Good Cause.

Rings that don't fit anymore, necklaces that are out of fashion, and the good old gold watch that no one wants to wear anymore, bent and unused silverware or dental gold, that was some time ago taken home after a visit at the dentist – sometimes old 'treasures' stand the test of time completely unnoticed without ever again being worn or used. 

You can help out and do a good deed with your old gold! For this purpose GPM developed “Gold For A Good Cause” project.


You Have Two Options With “Gold For A Good Cause”:

-> You can donate the entire profit of your scrap gold to the organization of your choice.

-> You have GPM evaluate your scrap gold and then donate a part of the profit to the charitable    organization of your choice. The donation amount will be determined by you. Select any of the    following options: $10, $50, $100 or 10%, 25%, 50%

No matter how you decide, we are grateful for every ounce!

And This Is How It Works:

 Request a  Mail-in Kit from GLOBAL PRECIOUS METALS or call (305) 674 - 9609

 Within the mail-in kit you will receive pre-paid postage envelope along with donation slip on                       which you select whether you would like to donate everything or a pre-selected amount.

 Place your scrap gold in the envelope with the donation slip and take it to your closest post                       office.

 This pre-paid postage envelope is addressed to GPM, who will evaluate your scrap gold and                     then inform the charitable organization of your choice about the result.

 In the case that you choose to receive part of the profit, we ask you to include your banking                      information.

Thank you for your donation - every ounce counts!